Driver ICN2595


LED display

ICN2595 is Chipone's constant current driver,subversion constant pressure program,subversion of existing single-color display pattern,performance indicators industry-leading. It is a16-channel constant current sink output LED driver, used for Single & Dualcolor LED Display. ICN2595 could compatible two 74HC595. All 16-channels constant current can be set by a single external resistor, which provides users flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs.
ICN2595 contains 16-bit shift registers and latches which convert serial input data into parallel output format,therefore,the ON or OFF of LED can be controlled by an external enable signal. and ICN2595 exploits current precision controlling technology,which makes error between ICs less than ±2.5%, and error between channels less than±1.3%.
• Used for Single & Dual color LEDDisplay
• 16 channel constant-current output
• One ICN2595 Compatible Two 74HC595
• Output current setting range:
        1~65mA×16@VDD=5V constant current output
        1~30mA×16@VDD=3.3V constant current output
• Current accuracy
• Between channel :< ±1.3%
• Between ICs :< ± 2.5%
• Fast response of output current,
        Fast response of output current(min):60ns@VDD=5V
• I/O: Schmitt trigger input
• Data transfer frequency: fMAX=30MHz(Max)
• Power supply voltage: VDD=3.3~5.5V
• Operating Temperature: –40°C to +85°C



ICN2595 LED display